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Our in-the-know Global Creative Director Melissa Knapp is always on the hunt for easy ways to make her life a little more stylish. Here, she rounds up a few of her favorite things that are making her month a little bit brighter. For summer, she’s loving breezy, handmade caftans, the perfect towel and a beautifully designed everyday essential.

Two New York Caftans
“I discovered these gorgeous caftans at Barney’s but then I found out that the designer, Monica Patel-Cohn was based in Brooklyn, so I called her up!  I went to her studio and she worked with me to design a beautiful custom caftan. She regularly travels to India to research and buy saris and hand-woven textiles. Then she makes her collection of perfectly cut tunics and caftans locally in New York. I put it on and the material is so airy, it feels like I’m wearing nothing! I wear them at the beach because you can get them totally wet and they’re dry within minutes.”

Yoshii Towels
“When I go on vacation I always fall in love with the linens. And then I get home and wonder why my towels don’t give me that same feeling. These luxe Japanese towels bring that vacation feeling home for me. I first discovered them at a little boutique in Brooklyn, although they remind me of my vacations in Japan.  I bought a few in different colors and patterns to mix and match – all of the colors go together! I love that they’re lightweight and super absorbent.”

BKR Water Bottles
“Everyone walks around with a water bottle, so why not make it a cool one? I love the way [creators Tal Winter and Kate Cutler] have approached this, like an essential fashion accessory that should be thoughtfully designed, colorful and cool. Plus, their mobile site is like a feed of awesomeness. I go on their site just to look at the eye candy, it’s like you’re in your favorite Instagram. So inspiring.”

Melissa’s Summer Beauty Picks:

Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20
I love being outdoors in the summer so if I’m going to be at the beach or pool all day, I can keep reapplying this throughout the day without getting the ghost-like look that many of the physical barrier sunscreens create.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
I use it all over my body in the summer. If it makes your face glow, it will do the same for your arms and legs!

Long Last Gloss Wear in Happy Heart
I layer this gloss over zinc oxide so that my lips don’t get sunburned but still look colorful.

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