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Pony’s Fresh Faced
Makeup Tutorial

There’s YouTube famous and then there’s YouTube Famous. With almost 3 million subscribers and counting, makeup artist Hye-Min Park, who goes by Pony on YouTube, is in a different stratosphere. She’s one of South Korea’s most famous makeup artists and the definitive K-beauty trendsetter with a fan base that spans the globe. Her top video of all time has over 14 million views. Whether she’s crafting the perfect smoky eye or totally transforming into different characters, Pony takes makeup tutorials to a whole new level. Her in-depth videos—some clocking in at almost 20 minutes—are compulsively watchable; her technique impossibly precise.

Perhaps most mesmerizing though is her flawless skin. As any makeup artist knows, your makeup only looks as good as your skin underneath. “Your makeup won’t set properly if your skin is too dry,” she says. “It’s good to leave the moisturizer on your face like a quick moisturizing face mask too,” says Pony. The pre-makeup moisturizer she used in her video: Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, a super lightweight, gel-cream moisturizer that plumps skin with Hyaluronic Acid and doesn’t leave behind any tacky residue. Watch this video to see how she uses it to prep for two gorgeous, glowing makeup looks that she created for us—one pure and simple for daytime, and the other is polished to perfection for the office.

Uncovering by PONY X Clinique

Video & Photos: Pony | Words: Hilary Presley