7 #FaceForward
New Year's Resolutions

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to reconnect with your inner goal digger and think about what you want out of 2016. This past year, we’ve been so impressed by the many #FaceForward promises made by some of our favorite bloggers, that we culled through them again to highlight some inspiring New Year’s resolutions. The overarching theme? Make goals that are kind, soulful, actionable promises. Devise a clear game plan, whether the goal is big (stop canceling on people) or small (wash your face every night—ok, we think that counts as a “big” one, too). And go for it. What’s stopping you? Read on for a little inspiration.

Work out, reflect, and refocus. “Remember how much you love to run and exercise. Yoga has been an incredible release for you. Continue to work on your practice. Life is busy and hectic, but afford yourself some time each day when you can be introspective. We often go through motions and tasks without stopping to think about what we’re doing and why. Set intentions for yourself along the way.”
- Mara Ferreira of

Treat yourself. “It can be something small, like getting your favorite coffee in the morning or buying a lipstick, but never forget to reward yourself. This life can be tough, and it's nice to recognize ourselves for the good things and the hard work we do.”
- Claire Ashley of

Live in the moment. “If there’s one thing you must know by now, it’s that there’s no point in waiting around for something better. Don’t miss the beautiful things that are happening right this minute.
- Chelsea Foy of

Listen to your gut. “Every choice you make leads to something useful. In the past, you chose a job you wound up hating—that didn’t make it a wrong decision; it enabled you to figure out what you want (and don’t want) out of your career. If you’re listening to your instincts, then you’re making the right choice. So, Amanda, remember that every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to learn.”
- Amanda Holstein of

Be focused but flexible. “Stay focused on your goals but flexible in your means. Try not to be affected by small setbacks. Things can change in a split second, and life’s timing isn’t always on your schedule—and that’s OK. If one thing doesn’t work out, find a different way to approach the problem. Flexibility in life doesn’t always come naturally, so work on it forever!”
- Ashley Nicholas of

Embrace change. “You’re going to get older, and some things about you will change. Your skin may sag in a few new places. But EMBRACE it all. The longer you’re here, the wiser you are, and the more you have to offer; and that is a beautiful thing.”
- Krystal Scott of

Learn more. “It’s been a while since you graduated, and some twisted little part of you misses it. But you don’t have to be in a library to get your learn on—plus, there are lessons to be learned beyond the textbooks. A few life skills classes on the list for 2016: wine pairing, knife skills, sushi making, advanced photography, sewing…it’s like college, but the electives are way more fun.”
- Jen Dang of

Photos (from top to bottom): Mara Ferreira, Claire Ashley, Chelsea Foy, Amanda Holstein, Ashley Nicholas, Krystal Scott and Jen Dang

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